Cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating, and treatment have previously been discussed extensively. A face massage, on the other hand, hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention. Have you noticed a healthy glow in your skin every time you get a face massage? Experts in skin care swear by this basic approach for long-term results. So let’s take a closer look at it.

What Is Facial Massage and Why Is It Important?

Facial massage is a method that involves gently massaging the skin of the face using the hands or a tool. It improves blood circulation, relaxes face muscles, reduces puffiness, and gives the skin a healthy sheen. For bright skin, doctors recommend getting a face massage at least twice a week.

What Happens When You Massage Your Face?

A facial massage not only feels wonderful, but it also trains the face muscles and gets the blood flowing, resulting in a more even tone. It unclogs pores and allows skin care products to penetrate more effectively. Facial massage also aids in the drainage of accumulated fluid that produces puffiness in the face.

1. Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage is one of the most common kinds of facial massage.
Lymph is a fluid in your body that removes waste and takes poisons away. Water, proteins, and salts make up this substance. Massage can help to remove accumulated lymph. If you want to renew your skin through deep washing, this is an excellent approach to use.

2. Facial Shiatsu or Finger-Pressure Massage

Acupressure is delivered to specific spots on the face known as the energy channels in this sort of facial. This Chinese practice involves people using special equipment, such as their fingers or palms, to tone muscles and decrease the appearance of wrinkles on their faces.

3. Traditional Facial Massage

This is the one that most beauticians use all around the world. It includes caressing, tapping, kneading, and pinching actions. It encourages the formation of collagen and makes your skin feel calm.

4. Facial Massage with Kobido

Kobido is a Japanese word that signifies an ‘old manner of beauty.’ This is the most traditional form of facial massage. It massages 16 facial muscles in 47 different ways. It’s a deeply relaxing facial massage that also helps with pain relief.

How to Give a Facial Massage: A Step-By-Step Instructional Video

Many SkinKraft customers have inquired about the proper technique for performing facial massage. As a result, think of this as a crash course in how to do a facial at home. Preparing your skin is the first step:

  1. Cleanse your hands and pull your hair back.
  2. Using lukewarm water, wash your face and pat it dry.
  3. Take care of your skin by moisturizing it.
  4. Choose an oil that is suitable for your skin.
  5. Steam your face to soften the pores and allow oils to penetrate more easily.
  6. Massage your face lightly with your fingers in a circular manner. If you want to tighten up
  7. your skin, utilize deep and stimulating motions.
  8. Stick to gentle pressure if you have sensitive, acne-prone, or oily skin.
  9. If you’re comfortable, you can use skincare tools like a metal roller or a jade roller to massage your skin.